“As a published young-adult author, I have had several opportunities to work with Rachel in both a design and editorial capacity. While I was developing my novel, which was later bought by Delacorte Press (an imprint of Random House), Rachel provided invaluable editorial critique regarding story structure, pacing, voice, character and setting development, and grammatical proofreading. Her comments were not only spot-on, they were also clearly and constructively stated. She’s methodical, and her acute attention to detail is an exceptional asset.

I highly recommend Rachel’s services to anyone who needs book design, editing, or writing support. She’s conscientious, knowledgeable, dependable, methodical, and creatively inspired. Even as I write this, she is hard at work editing my most recent novel.”

– Mary Elizabeth Summer, author of Trust Me, I’m Lying (Delacorte, October 2014)   mesummer.com


“Rachel’s insightful and thorough feedback was exactly what I’ve been looking for. All of her comments made me smile because she really GOT my story. I appreciated her work so much. If this [latest] story gets out into the world, it’ll be largely thanks to her.”
– Dawn Metcalf, author of Indelible and Invisible (Harlequin Teen, September 2013 and 2014), Luminous (Dutton, June 2011)   dawnmetcalf.com


“Rachel did a cold read of my most recent manuscript to help me brainstorm title ideas. Her keen eye for detail and creativity both helped immensely with the task–not only did she pull words and phrases from the manuscript to help generate title ideas, she took the time to find some related phrases in poetry, and also caught a few lingering typos. My deadline was closing in when I gave my manuscript to Rachel, and her turnaround time was so exceptional that I had plenty of time to consider her ideas and make corrections before turning my novel in to my agent. For anyone needing a thorough and timely editor who is a pleasure to work with, Rachel is an outstanding choice.”

– Audrey Coulthurst, audwriting.wordpress.com