Developmental and Line Editing Rates

Rates for content editing are flat fees. In order to receive a flat fee quote for developmental edits or line edits for your project, please provide a synopsis, the first three chapters, genre, total word count, and turnaround time. After reviewing this, I will provide a quote including an overall assessment of how much work the project needs, how long it will take, and my estimated fee.


Copy Editing Rates

Copy editing rates are based on the complexity of the edit (light, standard, heavy, extra heavy). If you would like your copy edit to include very brief line edits or developmental comments, this is considered an extra-heavy copy edit.

Type of Copy Edit / Typical Rate
Light: $45 per 10,000 words
Standard: $50 per 10,000 words
Heavy: $55 per 10,000 words
Extra Heavy: $60 per 10,000 words


Proofreading and Cold Reading Rates

Proofreading and cold reading rates are based on the length of the material. I proofread and cold read non-fiction material on a case-by-case basis.

Type of Edit / Typical Rate
Proofread: $40 per 10,000 words
Cold Read: $30 per 10,000 words


Payment Preferences and Formats

Payment is half on agreement and half on delivery.  I offer discounts to clients who combine multiple services and returning clients. I accept payment via PayPal, but other arrangements can be made if necessary.

I am most comfortable with emailed Microsoft Word documents, double-spaced and paginated. I will make edits using the Track Changes feature and email the document back to you. If you prefer to work with hard copies (or if you are contacting me solely for proofreading or cold reading), I will also work with those. You may mail me a printed copy via USPS or FedEx. Please contact me for the mailing address. I will mail it back to you at no additional cost.